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Best DVR for cord cutters

MacWorld - 43 min 22 sec ago
TiVo Roamio OTA vs. Tablo vs. Channel Master vs. Plex: None are ideal, but one might work for you.

The best rugged cases for the iPhone 8 Plus

MacWorld - 45 min 22 sec ago

The iPhone 8 Plus is back in the spotlight again thanks to the new Product(Red) model (and arguably, it’s brought it more attention than ever before). Some of you, no doubt, will want to show off your new crimson handset in all its slippery, fragile glory, and more power to you. The world needs risktakers.

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The best calculator apps for the iPhone and iPad

MacWorld - 1 hour 45 min ago

Believe it or not, Apple still does not support the iPad with its basic Calculator app. And as much as nerds love their calculator watches, there’s no support for Apple Watch, either. If you want advanced features like graphing or unit conversion, you’re going to need to look elsewhere, too.

There are certainly plenty of good reasons to grab a third-party calculator app that supports your iPhone, iPad, and maybe even Apple Watch. Fortunately, there are dozens of calculator apps in the App Store. Unfortunately, there are dozens of calculator apps to consider.

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Maccast 2018.04.22

The MacCast - 4 hours 34 min ago

A podcast about all things Macintosh. For Mac geeks, by Mac geeks. Episode 653. A special episode of the Maccast where I'm joined by David Sparks (MacSparky) and we look back at the iPhone and how it changed technology and our lives. David and I discuss key milestones in the development of the iPhone and iOS and even have a laugh at the kinds of apps we installed in the "old" days. David also lets us in on the details of his new book, the iPhone Field Guide and shares his knowledge on creating and publishing with iBooks Author and ePub 3.

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